Howdy Everyone, It’s Mick here from Shipping Container Jungle 🛳️🌿

To give you all some background info, my first few jobs were around the building trade industry when I was young, this led me down other paths in my career and then eventually to the used shipping container industry as a broker and, at times, the “go-to guy” that can locate suitable used shipping containers.

I was a broker for ten years, advising companies where and types of shipping containers to purchase and how to ensure the best deals are honest and safe while sourcing the best suppliers for individuals.

Due to my extensive background in the container industry, I used this knowledge and created my proudest achievement, being my shipping container home!

My Shipping Container Home.
Side Note: Used Shipping Container can have 101 other uses, not just homes!

As you can see, the home is made out of used containers, and doesn’t it look great? This build took approximately one year as the house was just a side project that I would complete on weekends and whenever I had free time.

That brings us to Shipping Container Jungle. I started this blog to teach the younger generation how easy it is to build a shipping container home while on a budget. I also try to provide my readers with many tips on creating and modifying their existing shipping container homes while giving my experiences in the industry.

So why the name Shipping Container Jungle??

Well, when you first start researching and getting involved in the shipping container world, it can be a bit of a jungle out there, and as you saw in the picture above, it is a shipping container in the jungle, or should I say the bush…

Either way, I like the name and many of my readers find it catchy 🙂

From your shipping container friend, Mick.